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The Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. George F. Smoot, is one of the leading international cosmology and astrophysical research laboratories, with state of the art facilities at the Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. The main goal of the center is to investigate the fundamental questions of cosmology and energetic processes in cosmos which include topics related to the birth and evolution of the universe.


  • Successful telescope operation, 2019 June 27 and July 28: The ECL NUTTelA-TAO telescope already contributing to science.  In Gamma Coordinates Network (Astronomer’s Formal Rapid Communication) circular no.  24900, “GRB 190627A: NUTTelA-TAO optical counterpart observations”, our collaborators Alexi Pozanenko (IKI) and Maxim Krugov (Fesenkov Institute of Almaty), reported on measurements with our telescope of the afterglow of gamma-ray burst 190627A.  Also, in GCN 25212, “LIGO/Virgo S190728q: ZTF19abjethn TShAO and NUTTelA-TAO optical observations / classification”, activities in the search for gravitational wave counterparts was reported.
  •  LTD19, Low Temperature detectors conference was held in Milan July 21-27, Dr Shafiee presented his work on kilo array MKIDs! there was much discussion about MKIDs vs. TES sensors, and MKIDs appear to have even better performance and are the leading candidate for future detectors at this time
  • Lindau Nobel Symposium, Our own Dr. Mehdi Shafiee, postdoc for the cryogenic research program, was selected for the great honor of going to Lindau Noble Laureate meeting. He attended a number of talks by Nobel Prize Winners, and select events for young researchers.  Mehdi, we hope you can use this advice to get a Nobel Prize of our own!

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