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The Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, started by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. George F. Smoot, is a cosmology and astrophysics group at Nazarbayev University, that investigates the birth and evolution of the universe.


Fast telescope was installed in Assy Turgen

CDK700 Telescope from Plane wave Instruments was successfully installed in Assy Turgen Observatory on 17th – 20th of October.

ICEC27-ICMC 2018, Oxford, United Kingdom

Baurzhan Alzhanov participated ICEC27-ICMC 2018 that took place on Monday, 3rd September, 2018 – Friday, 7th September, 2018 on research topic “The cryogenic detector for cosmology observation”.

ECL at WOLTE 13 2018, Sorrento, Italy

Zhaksylyk Kazykenov participated WOLTE 13 held September 10 – 13, 2018 on research topic “Noise Studying of Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors”.

ECL visit to Paris Center for Cosmological Physics

In the frame of collaboration with APC laboratory, ECL team worked in together with Paris cosmology research group to test microwave kinetic inductance detectors (MKIDs) and participated in data analysis training.

ECL 2018 Autumn Workshop

ECL hosted Prof. Blake D. Sherwin from University of Cambridge, UK and  Prof. Xuelei Chen from National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

**New Publication of ECL about Black Holes and Dark Energy
**Collaborative work on short exposure observations at Tien-Shan Astronomy Observatory

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