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The Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. George F. Smoot, is one of the leading international cosmology and astrophysical research laboratories, with state of the art facilities at the Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. The main goal of the center is to investigate the fundamental questions of cosmology and energetic processes in cosmos which include topics related to the birth and evolution of the universe.


  • News about NUTTelA-TAO on the national TV channel “1 tv Eurasia”. The journalist took an interview from ECL team members and made a video report about remote control of the NUTTelA-TAO telescope from the NU laboratory. The video report appeared on a daily morning program on the national TV channel. A copy of the program is available on youtube. The report starts from 10:52 and ends at 14:20.
  • Stars become closer

    The team of the NU Energetic Cosmos Laboratory completed the second phase of the NUTTelA-TAO project on the remote control of the star observation telescope. To control the observatory, including telescope, dome, cameras, and other processes in real-time is now available directly from the university laboratory, 1000 km away from the observatory. In the future, the telescope will operate autonomously: observe and instantly respond to emerging gamma-ray bursts, which in turn will create opportunities for new discoveries in the study of this amazing natural phenomenon.

  • Successful test of full telescope system and BSTI instrument with 3 EMCCDs cameras on October 26-30.  Team of NUTTellA-TAO project successfully finished testing telescope system control in robotic mode with 3 EMCCD cameras placed on BSTI instrument. The next steps will be conducting several tests with a fully autonomous telescope system without human interaction.

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