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The Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, started by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. George F. Smoot, is a cosmology and astrophysics group at Nazarbayev University, that investigates the birth and evolution of the universe.


Microwave Kinetic Inductance detectors ( MKID) are used for capturing and characterizing mysterious cosmic explosions and bursts.
Marzhan Bekbalanova is working on the readout system of these detectors that uses FPGA to perform digital signal processing.
Baurzhan Alzhanov explains why we need an Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigertor (ADR) for the MKIDs.
11:25 – 14:15 in the video

**New Publication of ECL about Black Holes and Dark Energy
**Collaborative work on short exposure observations at Tien-Shan Astronomy Observatory

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