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ECL is an astrophysics laboratory founded by Nobel Prize Winner George Smoot in 2017, with the goal to understand fundamental problems in physics and astrophysics and contribute to the technical know-how and innovation ecosystem of NU. ECL includes a number of research facilities: We created and run the NU Transient Telescope for our optical observations of fast transients; these were developed mostly in our optics lab. We have a cryogenic detector facility including an electronics testing and assembly lab, and a clean room facility, where we principally work on MKIDs devices. We also have a small shop where we can do some CNC machining and 3D resin printing for the fabrication of our experimental equipment. ECL conducts original academic research in our 5 basic areas of Theory, Data Science, Telescope Observations, Cryogenic Detectors, and Ultra-Fast Astronomy (UFA). We tend to focus on topics relevant to cosmology, gravity, and high-energy astrophysical processes.