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The Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. George F. Smoot, is one of the leading international cosmology and astrophysical research laboratories, with state of the art facilities at the Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. The main goal of the center is to investigate the fundamental questions of cosmology and energetic processes in cosmos which include topics related to the birth and evolution of the universe.


  • New astrophysical burst detections from a soft gamma repeater SGR 1935+2154 confirm 231-day cycle predicted in a peer-reviewed published paper by the ECL researchers, Dr. Mikhail Denissenya, Dr. Bruce Grossan, and Dr. Eric Linder. [July 2021]
  • Dr. Mikhail Denissenya attended the 16th Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers held by the Center for Astrostatistics at Penn State. The School provides an intensive program in statistical inference. [June 2021]
  • More green energy! At Assy-Turgen Observatory, the ECL team increased the power supply from solar panels by 100%. Now, the NUTTelA-TAO rapid survey telescope receives 2,6 kW from green energy. [April  2021]

Post-covid picnic

After vaccination, the ECL team was able to organize a picnic in the botanical garden near NU:

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