About E2U19

Exploring the Energetic Universe 2019 is the second international conference of the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory (ECL) at Nazarbayev University, taking place June 17-21, 2019 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

E2U19 is Unique

We focus on four topics:
GRB, GW, and FRB  transients
Advanced detectors (particularly MKIDs)
Astrophysics in Central Asia
… though we accept excellent wide-ranging presentations related to ECL work

Leading speakers and participants are featured for each topic
Our conference emphasizes participation and collaboration – come to start collaborations and write papers
Each topic has a “critical mass” of active participants – enough for wide experience, but right for personal communication and collaboration
We explicitly set aside time for walks, small group interaction, in the Aspen tradition, and on-site collaboration

Unique Settings
NU is a new university with excellent conference facilities and the newest of many facilities to view
Astana has one of the most unusual built environments, with numerous architectural and cultural attractions
We will feature a day of walks, we anticipate in a local nature reserve (TBD)

Central Asian Hospitality
Many find that the Central Asian tradition of honoring visitors to still hold today.
Our 2017 conference E2U17 exceeded all our expectations in terms of both useful and enjoyable interpersonal interactions, resulting in personal scientific insights as well as new collaborations.