ECL Conference 2019


June 17-21, 2019-Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 



Exploring the Energetic Universe 2019 is the second international conference of the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory (ECL) at Nazarbayev University, taking place June 17-21, 2019 in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. The conference covers the core areas of our laboratory, cosmology and the high energy universe, with major session themes of Cosmology, High Energy Astrophysics and Transients (including gamma ray bursts and fast radio bursts), and Advanced Detectors (including MKIDs and other cryogenic sensors). Come join us for several days of leading speakers and plentiful opportunities for scientific interaction and collaboration, in Nur-Sultan, one of the most unusual built environments in the world, with opportunities to visit the attractions and exhibits of World Expo 2017 (theme: Future Energy) just across the street, and many more activities in the city and surrounding area.
ECL ( was founded in 2016 as an international center under Prof. George Smoot, Director, and research groups are guided by UC Berkeley scientists Bruce Grossan and Eric Linder. Major programs include a cryogenic facility for MKIDs and other detector research, a fast response, multi-band optical telescope experiment for measuring gamma-ray bursts and other transients, ultrafast astronomy techniques, and cosmology theory and data analysis.

Invited Speakers

Ivan Colantoni (Dublin) – MKIDs: the next generation kilo-pixel camera
Johannes Hubmayr (NIST) – MKIDs
Alina Kiessling (JPL) -Big Science from Exoplanets to Universe Simulations
Pawan Kumar (UT Austin) – The mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
Hyung Mok Lee (KASI) – Gravitational Waves
David Mota (Oslo) – Cosmological Simulations and Gravity
Kieran O’Brien (Durham) – MKIDs
Alexei Pozanenko (IKI) – Gamma Ray Bursts and Transients
Varun Sahni (IUCAA) – Cosmology
Osamu Tajima (Kyoto) – MKIDs and CMB
Ernazar Abdikamalov (NU) – Explosions of Massive Stars
Daniele Malafarina (NU) – How to tell a black hole mimicker
Michael Good (NU) – Relativistic Quantum Information Mirror
Ratbay Myrzakulov (ENU) – F(R,T) curvature teleparallel gravity and cosmology
Bobomurat Ahmedov (UBAI, Tashkent) – Optical and Energetic Properties of Gravitational Compact Objects
Avas Khugaev (INP, Tashkent) – An overview to the pure Lovelock type gravities

Scientific Organizing Committee

Kanat Baigarin- Vice President for Innovation and Research, NU
Eric Linder-Leader of the Theory and Data Analysis program
Bruce Grossan -Leader of Observational Astrophysics and Optical Inst.
George Smoot -Nobel Laureate in Physics Founder and Director of ECL

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