2017 Nobel Prize in Physics
for observation of Gravitational Waves

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Trip to Assi Turgen:
On 13th-17th of November ECL members and Nazarbayev University SST (Physics) Master’s student Magzhan Kistaubayev visited Tien-Shan Astronomy Observatory. We had a collaborative work on short exposure observations with Electron Multiplied CCD (EMCCD) Cameras and tested GRB alerts receipt from NASA’s Swift spacecraft via GRB Coordinate Network.

Photos from the  ECL August international conference:

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The Coldest place of Kazakhstan

2017 Sep. 12-  ECL achieves the title of Coldest Place EVER in Kazakhstan

Inside our newly installed Adiabatic Demagnetization refrigerator, we achieved just a few parts in one hundred of a degree above absolute zero to test superconducting super-sensitive sensors…

2017 Aug.- World Experts in Cosmology, Stellar Explosions, Superconducting

Sensors (some from NU!), gather for first international conference … [Read more here]

2017 Jul.-  ECL publishes 7th paper on gravitational lensing …  [Read more here ]