Gamma Ray Burst

Gamma-ray burst

Gamma waves, located at the short-wave limit of electro-magnetic spectrum, are of huge energies. The bursts of gamma rays attract special attention of astrophysicists and cosmologists, since not only their manifestations indicate that we observe them from outside of our galaxy, but also they are the most powerful energy sources in the universe.

The mechanism of gamma ray burst (GRB) is not yet known, the existing models are hypotheses, there is no decisive evidence so far. However, we know such parameters as the duration and power of GRB and the spectrum of its afterglow, which allows us to build a scale of distances in the universe.

The burst alerts are received from GRB coordinate network within seconds after its detection by NASA’s Swift satellite. With the help of a fully automated CDK700 telescope from Plane wave Instruments and three high-sensitivity cameras installed in Assi Turgen, we shoot gamma-ray bursts.