Lab / Professional Educational Assets

Lab / Professional Educational Assets

MKIDs Testing

Below, we have collected muti-media guides to our MKIDs program and MKIDs testing. These provide both generally informative information on MKIDs and how-to lessons specifically on using the ECL Cryogenics Facility tools and equipment and our testing and development program.

• We have a written introduction to MKIDS at ECL by Mehdi Shafiee of ECL/Queens Univ
Dr. Shafiee’s primer on MKIDs work at ECL

We also have multi-media presentations by Jie Hu of Paris APC:

• What is an MKID?  How does it work?

• In what frequency range do MKIDs work? What’s the difference between MKIDs for different bands?
Optical vs CMB KIDs.mp4

• What are MKIDs measurements?
Kinetic inductance detector measurements.pdf

• How do I measure them in our lab?
Measurement Setup.mp4
Measurement Procedure.mp4
Fitting routine.mp4