Lab / Professional Educational Assets

Lab / Professional Educational Assets

Educational Materials on the technology of the NUTTelA-TAO

The Technology of the NUTTelA-TAO: NU Telescope, Technical Details.

Educational Materials on EMCCDs and Using Astro Cameras

• Dr. Bruce Grossan shared valuable information on EMCCDs and Using Astro Cameras.
Training 1: Using cameras for measurements.
Training 2: EMCCD Operations.

Astrophysics Research Skills and Career Development

• Prof. Eric Linder shared valuable information on how to succeed in research and build essential skills for the career development in his talk
Prof. Eric Linder Astrophysics Research Skills and Career Development

MKIDs Testing

Below, we have collected muti-media guides to our MKIDs program and MKIDs testing. These provide both generally informative information on MKIDs and how-to lessons specifically on using the ECL Cryogenics Facility tools and equipment and our testing and development program.

• We have a written introduction to MKIDS at ECL by Mehdi Shafiee of ECL/Queens Univ
Dr. Shafiee’s primer on MKIDs work at ECL

We also have multi-media presentations by Jie Hu of Paris APC:

• What is an MKID?  How does it work?

• In what frequency range do MKIDs work? What’s the difference between MKIDs for different bands?
Optical vs CMB KIDs.mp4

• What are MKIDs measurements?
Kinetic inductance detector measurements.pdf

• How do I measure them in our lab?
Measurement Setup.mp4
Measurement Procedure.mp4
Fitting routine.mp4