Dr Ayan Mitra

Dr Ayan Mitra

Postdoctoral Scholar

Fields of research: Cosmology, Gravitational Lensing, SN Cosmology, Machine Learning, Quantum Theory.

Email : ayan.mitra@nu.edu.kz
Tel : +7 (7172) 70 58 72
Mob : +7 776 153 18 66
Office : 551, C4

Publications :

Hi! Welcome to my home page. I am currently a Post Doctoral Scholar in ECL, Astana. I work with Professor Eric Linder. My research interests include Dark energy, SN cosmology, gravitational lensing, machine learning, data analysis and quantum theory.

Besides cosmology and science, I try my hand (and luck) in many other things (if time permits). I am an ameteur pianist. Love to ride horses ! and reading books. I am an Indian, so cricket is my religion (ofcourse!). Some other things generic : Yes I love spicy food and can eat a lot of them, probably more than you. I love gardening, I am a sort of expert on rose plantation. I love to try photography as well during my travels mostly. I prefer to experiment with perspective photography. Check some of my own favourite photos : https://500px.com/ayanmitra 

I come from Calcutta, India as a result it is very generic of me to have an inherent love for art films! and fine arts. Satyajit Ray is an all time favourite both reading and watching. I completed my bachelor’s in Physics fom St. Xaviers College in Calcutta, India, 2011. Then went to UK for my masters in cosmology, where I worked with Prof. Andrew Liddle on quintessence and dark energy scalar field modelling. I moved to Paris for my PhD. where I worked with Prof. Delphine Hardin in the SNLS collaboration. My PhD. thesis was on Weak gravitational Lensing with Supernova Type Ia in SNLS5. Living in Paris during this time was one of the most memorable part of my life. The Parisian fever will never leave me for the rest of my life I guess.

If you are around, drop me a line, or if you fancy some delicious home cooked Indian food.

  • The Telescope of ECL, it’s twin is in the Kazakh mountains where it is in the final stages of scrutiny before science run

Presenting my paper in Kazakh Physical Society’s Annual conference, 2019, Almaty.

  • If you happen to travel to Calcutta, You should pay a visit to the Royal Calcutta Turf Club Facing the majestic backdrop of the Victoria Memorials.The guy in blue t-shirt on the horse is me.

My Data Science Industrial Project as a Fellow of The Data Incubator: https://prezi.com/view/YwxfHPiISYL2uWtVu88i/

  • Some of my Piano recordings are below :