Tourism in Nur-Sultan

Nur-Sultan city (previously known as Astana) is a young modern city with a population of over one million citizens in the heart of Kazakhstan. Nur-Sultan gained a status of capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1997. Since then the Left Bank of Ishim River (the left bank city) was build from the scratch and features works of famous architects, like Kisho Kurokava and Norman Foster. The downtown area, especially Nurzhol Boulevard is considered to be a brand image of fast growing capital. The boulevard spans from Akorda, the Presidential Residence to marquee shaped Khan Shatyr shopping mall.

Every year the city hosts various international industrial exhibitions, conferences, musical contests and festivals of the Kazakhstani people.

In 1999 by decision of UNESCO, Nur-Sultan city was awarded the title of World City. The city has an opera and Ballet Theater, a drama theater and a variety of museums. The monuments of Nur-Sultan city are a linking element between the new capital and its history, held in esteem by all the people of Kazakhstan.

To visit city’s sightseeing and symbolic places you can join multiple thematic city tours available upon registering from local guides.

Main sights of Nur-Sultan can be observed at the panoramic pictures through 3D virtual tour.