ECL Visitors

Title:Seeing the beginning:the Cosmic Microwave Background and what it can tell us about our Universe & CMB Lensing: Fundamental Physics from Maps of the Invisible
Speaker: Prof. Blake D. Sherwin

Title:Cosmology Research in China & The Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of Reionization
Speaker: Prof. Xuelei Chen

Title:The Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts and its possible resolution
Speaker: Prof. Pawan Kumar

Title: SA unique and observable imprint of inflation & Primordial Gravitational Waves
Speaker: Robert Caldwell [Dartmouth College]

Title: Search for evidences beyond the concordance model of cosmology & Dark Side of the Universe
Speaker: Arman Shafieloo [KASI]

Title: Test of Cosmic Inflation with Measurements of Cosmic Background Polarization
Speaker: Masashi Hazumi[KEK]

Title: MKIDs, GroundBIRD, and the Cosmic Microwave Background
Speaker: Osamu Tajima[KEK]

Title: Kinetic Inductance Detectors: Progress and Prospects
Speaker: Jonas Zmuidzinas[Caltech]

Title: Cosmological scenarios in Horndeski theory
Speaker: Sergey Sushkov [Kazan Center for Cosmology]

Title: Reconstruction of inflationary models in f(R) gravity
Speaker: Alexei Starobinsky[Landau Institute]

Title: Constraints on initial conditions from the large scale structure formation
Speaker: Yong-Seon Song[KASI]

Title: High energy astrophysical objects study at Maidanak observatory in Uzbekistan
Speaker: Shuhrat Ehgamberdiev[Ulugh Beg]

Title: Spectacular Explosive Events in the universe assiciated with black holes and neutron stars
Speaker: Pawan Kumar[UT Austin]